Read, Write, & Do The Thing

The Lord said READ. Read everything: novels, fiction, stories based off of books from the Bible, secular stories that didn’t have anything to do with God, actual books of the Bible, study books meant to nourish my mind and soul, poems, articles in journals, newspapers, and even opinion columns. Just read. Interestingly enough, reading has […]

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Healthy Heart: Intro

Bear with me on this title. I know it conveys a very “healthy cholesterol, good cardiovascular health” connotation, and that horse has been beaten for while now, but I swear this post has something much better ahead! I’ve said this before, and repeat it pretty regularly on my social media platforms, but I got so […]

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Should I Go Keto?

I had begun to hear this question from several clients around the gym. Initially, I thought “great, here’s another stupid, trendy, diet that’s going to cause mass confusion and help people drop weight instantly but not permanently and it’ll phase out quickly again. UGH.” However, in an effort to be a thorough trainer that’s here […]

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Holiday Workout Guide

Are you traveling for Christmas? Will you be staying in a guest room or hotel room? Will you be short on time? If you answered yes to any of the above, then this one is especially for you! I love traveling as much as the next person, but when it comes to staying on top […]

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How to Make it Through Thanksgiving

  It’s the beginning of the week of Thanksgiving! I don’t know about y’all but I LOVE Thanksgiving for a few reasons, like: family, gathering, EATING, a break from school/work, and because the rest of the world joins in celebrating Christmas (yes, I’ve become that person starts the Christmas season BEFORE Thanksgiving… older and wiser, […]

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